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The Corporation of The Township of South - West Oxford is a municipality located in south western Ontario, at the south west side of Oxford County, and serves as a regional centre for industry, commerce, and recreation.

The Township oversees 87,588 acres with a population of 7,544 and we have Canada's busiest highway (highway 401) in our front yard! With a rich agricultural heritage please stop by and enjoy our diverse Township. The Township was amalgamated in 1975 from the historic County Townships of Beachville, Dereham, and West Oxford.

Nestled in the heart of rural South-Western Ontario, the Township of South-West Oxford offers many of the conveniences of urban living while enjoying the serenity of country life. The Township includes the communities of Beachville, Brownsville, Centreville, Culloden, Delmer, Dereham Centre, Foldens, Mount Elgin, Ostrander, Salford, Sweaburg and Verschoyle. The Township has a strategic location with and proximity to many large economic centers via Highway 401 which runs across the north end of the Township and Highway 19 which connects the Township to the Town of Ingersoll to the north and the Town of Tillsonburg to the south.

Community Halls

The Township of South-West Oxford is a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well being of our community. The Township is committed to the provision of green space and community facilities for the enjoyment of all and is dedicated to providing community facilities for members of the public including children, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities. We pride ourselves on our many public meeting spaces. In many of our small rural villages, our community parks and facilities are the some of the only public meeting spaces for residents to engage in the community. Please click here to explore the many community halls throughout our Township.

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Parks & Recreation

The Township is dedicated to providing spaces for recreation, fitness and sports activities for children, adults, and seniors. The Township employs a unique community based model for managing all of its parks and recreation facilities. Each park and community hall is managed by a Council appointed board of volunteers who work to manage the fund raising for each project, who manage the bookings, and who manage the accounting. Our active group of community volunteers provide twenty five percent of the funding for all capital improvements to our Township owned properties and manage all operating expenses. Please click here for more information about our many parks and recreation facilities throughout our Township.

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Community Events


The Township of South - West Oxford has 4 Municipally Operated Cemeteries: Beachville, Harris Street, Sweaburg Union and West Oxford. 

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Beachville Cemetery - 584523 Beachville Rd, Beachville, On
The original lot (west side of current property) was a land grant to one of the earliest settlers (Abraham Carrall).  In 1909 the Methodist Church (now United) gave the west side of the property (oldest section) to the village of Beachville.  On August 22, 1854 the Methodists purchased one acre (on the east side) for one shilling from Abraham Carrall. Additional land on the east side was purchased to enlarge this cemetery to its current size of approx 2 acres. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Oxford County, its first burial dated 1817. 

Harris Street Cemetery - 334063 Plank L (Highway 19)
Short Historical Sketch of Harris Street Cemetery: 
In the early years this cemetery was a Community Cemetery. From 1890 to 1920 this cemetery was not maintained and was in a deplorable state. In 1920 a coffin plate was dug up on the original acre and bore the name of Dora Bongard, 1812.  In 1922 a general clean up was made and the cemetery became more popular.  Addition acres were added.  Bodies were buried in oak or pine plank coffins. There were 3 rows of plots on the north side of the Chapel.  At the east end of the first row (north side of the property) stood a school house.  This school was used as a place of worship by the Baptist Church for 4 years until a Chapel was built in 1832. In 1836 the farm on which this cemetery is located was owned by Gilbert Harris. A cemetery permit was granted with regulations in 1836.  

Original section of Harris Street Cemetery (South Side)
Map (North Entrance)

Sweaburg Union Cemetery - 474433 Dodge, Line, Sweaburg
Established in 1862 on land deed from Calvin Martin to the Trustees of Sweaburg Union Meeting House.

Aerial Map

West Oxford Cemetery - 354395 Church Line
The West Oxford United Church was the first organized Church in the County of Oxford, at that time "Oxford-on-the-Thames".  It was organized in August 1804 as the Episcopal Methodist Church of America.
The first log Church was burned by the Westbrook Raiders during the War of 1812-14. Undaunted, the settlers now attended services conducted in a log schoolhouse at about the same location as the present West Oxford Church.  Approx 1 acre was purchased on November 29, 1823 from John Galloway and a frame chapel was built.  In 1854 the current brick church was erected.  Many of the original settlers of the district are buried here.  A number of these settlers came to the district in the 1790's.  The original survey and burial records of this Cemetery was lost in a fire in Ingersoll in 1856, no other survey was made and very sketchy records exist.  There are no lots for sale. The Cemetery was deeded to the Township of South - West Oxford in 1970 and is a pioneer Cemetery. Restoration of the cemetery was started in the fall of 1970 and completed in 1972. 
Aerial map

Municipal Contacts

Township of South-West Oxford

Located in South Western Ontario, in the South West section of Oxford County and serves as a regional centre for industry, commerce and recreation.

The Township oversees 87,588 acres with a population of 7,544 and we have Canada’s busiest highway in our front yard! With a rich agricultural heritage, please stop by and enjoy our diverse Township. 

The Township’s mission is be "a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well being of our community"

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