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The South-West Oxford Fire & Emergency Services consists of 3 stations located in Brownsville, Mount Elgin and Beachville that service a population of approximately 7,544 residents spanning across 370.48 square kilometers.

Between the 3 stations, the department responds to an average of 270 emergency calls per year in a variety of disciplines. These emergencies are responded to by our 60 paid-on-call members utilizing the 9 apparatus and variety of specialized equipment. The foundation of the department's tasks are organized into Operations, Training, Fire Prevention, Risk Management, Emergency Management and Administration aspects which are all in place to support the delivery of critical fire suppression and emergency services.

The fire department is responsible for a wide range of activities. These include firefighting and all categories of rescue matters along with the handling and disposing of hazardous materials. Performing activities such as the removal of trapped victims from vehicles or building may be required.

The firefighters are also trained in advanced first aid and would assist in the treatment and evacuation of individuals when required. Our fire personnel train on a continuous basis to ensure their ability to respond to emergencies with the township and handle them in a fast and efficient manner.

If you see a vehicle with a green flashing light, please move over to the right of the road to allow the vehicle with the green flashing light to pass. The green flashing light means that a Volunteer Firefighter is responding to an emergency call.

Some of the department’s other vital emergency and non-emergency services include:

  • Technical Rescue: This includes vehicle rescue and hazardous material response to the awareness level
  • Fire Prevention and Public Education
  • Fire Investigation
  • Mutual Aid response to neighbouring jurisdictions

Fire Stations

Brownsville - Station # 1

station 1

292244 Culloden Line
Brownsville, ON

Mount Elgin - Station # 2

station 2

333269 Plank Line (Hwy 19)
Mt. Elgin, ON

Beachville - Station # 3

station 3

434696 West Hill Road
Beachville, ON


INTEGRITY— We are honest, trustworthy and accountable. Honour guides our actions.

TEAMWORK—We each bring our own skills and experience, yet we recognize that we are better together. We support and depend on each other to achieve our goals.

COMPASSION—Caring is part of our job. We could not do what we do without deep and motivating empathy for those we serve.

COURAGE—We show fortitude and determination in a crisis.

DIVERSITY—We respect the different identities, experiences, and perspectives of those that we work with and the community we serve.


The mission of the South-West Oxford Fire & Emergency Services is to save lives and protect property through emergency services, fire and rescue response, and fire prevention. We aim to be a leader in the development and delivery of fire and emergency services for the growth and well being of our community.


The South-West Oxford Fire & Emergency Services: a leader in responding to and preventing emergencies with a commitment to excellence and teamwork.

Firefighter Recruitment

If you enjoy serving your community and are willing to dedicate the time required to successfully complete a mandatory training program, attend weekly training sessions and respond frequently to emergencies within your response area, this could be your opportunity to make a difference in your community.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the Fire Chief and attend Fire Station Open Houses held annually.

Neighbours helping Neighbours . . . . Volunteer Today

In 2016, following the advice of the Township's Fire Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the Township adopted the Fire and Emergency Services Strategic Plan, which is available here.

Public Education

The South-West Oxford Fire and Emergency Services provide fire safety education to meet the needs of all citizens of South-West Oxford. Programs provide engaging and interactive education for all groups. Public fire safety educators work closely with local school boards, community groups, various associations and are available and eager to make presentations to the community.

To request a Fire Safety Educator to present to your group please feel out the Public Education Request Form here.

Fire Safety Inspections

The South-West Oxford Fire Department Fire Safety Inspection Program is intended to reduce the likelihood of fire occurrences and the impact of fire should one occur. A fire inspection identifies if a property owner is maintaining a fire safe property and reinforces fire safe behaviours, not just identifies infractions of the Ontario Fire Code. Fire safety inspections are conducted by the Fire Chief in one of three ways: REQUEST, ROUTINE, or COMPLAINT.

Request Inspection: If a person would like to have a fire safety inspection conducted at a property he/she owns, they can request this in writing to the Fire Chief. The letter must state the owners name, property address, and reason for inspection.  

To request and inspection, complete the form found here.

Routine Inspection: These inspections include targeted properties that house vulnerable sector residents, require licensing or have a history of non-compliance.

Complaint Inspection: If a member of the public has reason to believe that a property within the Township of South-West Oxford does not comply with the Ontario Fire Code or there are fire hazards at a property, they may file a complaint with the Fire Chief, Rob Serson.

To File a Fire Code Complaint, click here.

Open Air Burning

Open-air burning is regulated by Article of the Ontario Fire Code, which states, among other things,"Open Air Burning is not permitted unless approved…". In accordance with the Municipal By-Law No. 35-2014, the South-West Oxford Fire Department may authorize controlled, supervised open air fires subject to the conditions for approval as outlined in the By-Law.

To review the By-Law to Regulate Fires and Provide for the Setting of Fires, please click here.

To apply for a Burn Permit, click here.

Fire Facts

Fire is dark. Most people expect fire to be light. On the contrary, fire is pitch black. In most cases smoke kills first, not flames. The poisonous gases emitted by a fire can actually put you into a deep sleep before you are overcome by flames. Installing a smoke alarm on each level of your home can give you the early warning you need to escape safely!

Fire has intense heat. Fire raises the temperature several hundred degrees in just seconds. One breath can cause severe lung damage. Develop and practice a fire escape plan, complete with a meeting place outside. An escape plan can help you escape safely - when seconds count!

  • Fire is fast! In less than 30 seconds, a small flame can get completely out of control and turn into a major fire. It takes only minutes for thick black smoke to fill a house.
  • Fire is hot! A fire's heat alone can kill. Room temperatures in a fire can be 100 degrees at floor level and rise to 600 degrees at eye level. Inhaling this super hot air will scorch your lungs.
  • Fire is dark! Fire starts bright, but quickly produces smoke and complete darkness. If you wake up to a fire, you may be blinded, disoriented, and unable to find your way around the home you've lived in for years.
  • Fire is deadly! Smoke and toxic gases kill more people than flames do. Fire uses up the oxygen you need and produces smoke and poisonous gases that kill.

A residential home can be totally consumed in flames in less than five minutes! There is no time - you need to know what to do.

Fire Strategic Planning

In 2015, the SWOX fire and emergency services introduced its strategic plan, alongside measures in pursuance with these goals. The strategic plan is both a roadmap for the South-West Oxford Fire & Emergency Services and a guide for identifying priorities so we can continue to deliver excellent fire, rescue, fire prevention and emergency services into the future. 

The South-West Oxford Fire and Emergency Services encourages you to look through our strategic planning guide below for more information.

Click here to view the Strategic Plan.

Municipal Contacts

Township of South-West Oxford

Located in South Western Ontario, in the South West section of Oxford County and serves as a regional centre for industry, commerce and recreation.

The Township oversees 87,588 acres with a population of 7,544 and we have Canada’s busiest highway in our front yard! With a rich agricultural heritage, please stop by and enjoy our diverse Township. 

The Township’s mission is be "a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well being of our community"

Contact Us

312915 Dereham Line
Mt. Elgin, On N0J 1N0
Hours: Monday – Friday 
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