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2021 Dog License Form

Committed to being a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well-being of the community and dedicated to providing a safe community for all residents and their pets, the Township of South-West Oxford requires all dog owners to license their dog(s), pursuant to By-Law No. 76-2017 each year. Dog licensing fees directly fund animal control services provided within the Township.  Subject to By-Law No. 76-2017, licensing fees shall be paid to the Township within 14 days of acquiring the dog(s):

  • $20.00 for the first male or female dog; and
  • $30.00 for each additional male or female dog on the property, regardless of ownership

The price per tag increases by $5.00 each after April 30 each calendar year.

Effective January 1, 2021: the Township has moved to a “permanent” dog license (tag) fee collection process. The Township will maintain a registry containing the current details on the dogs residing within the Township, and issue an annual charge to be applied to residents' final tax bills. Tenants will receive separate invoices each year to be paid by April 30 of the licensing year. Residents are advised to retain their dog tag(s) from year-to-year. The fee to replace a missing or lost dog tag is $5.00 each. Please advise the Township of any changes regarding your dog(s) as soon as possible. Yearly changes must be received by April 30 to ensure the changes can be applied to your property tax bill. Licensing your animal and ensuring that your pet always wears its tag can help your pet be returned to you in cases where your dog is lost. We hope this new process will help simplify the annual collection of fees for this service.

To avoid receiving a fine, dogs must be prohibited from running at large. Purchasing a license does not protect the owner or person reclaiming a dog against fees incurred for pick-up and care of the dog. Failure to purchase a license may result in a fine under the Provincial Offences Act.

Please only complete the form below if your dog is NEW to the Township and not on our registry yet. To check if your dog is on our registry, please call our office: 519-475-0477 or email

Application Form

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