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The Municipal Act requires the Township to exercise its powers by by-law. By-laws are the primary legislative instrument of municipalities in Ontario, including Township of South-West Oxford. The Township Council makes decisions by adopting or amending recommendations from its committees and Township officials contained in reports and communications.

These decisions are confirmed by a confirmatory by-law enacted at the end of the meeting. This ensures that every decision is made by by-law. Some decisions are also the subject of a more specific by-law. These by-laws provide for greater clarity and certainty, and for ease of reference.

A By-Law is the legal instrument that Township Council uses to exercise its powers and it becomes effective on the date it is enacted unless it specifies otherwise. The database of Municipal By-Laws enacted by the Township Council of South-West Oxford is available here. If you have any questions about a Township By-law or would like to receive a copy of a By-law in an alternate format or require any assistance in locating a By-law, please submit your request to the Clerk's Office.

By-Law Summaries

Committed to being a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well-being of the community, the Township By-law Enforcement Officer conducts enforcement of various municipal by-laws. Responding to complaints, the By-law Enforcement Officer attempts to obtain compliance and resolution through education and mediation. Fines and legal action may result in circumstances where compliance remains outstanding and resolution is not achieved.

Depending on the nature of your inquiry or complaint, you may be required to provide your name and contact information so that the By-law Enforcement Officer can effectively handle the issue and follow up with you as required. A Formal Complaint means a complaint received by Staff, wherein the complainant provides their full name, address and phone number that can be verified by the Investigator and nature of complaint in writing using the required form, over the telephone, in person or via email.

By-Law Enforcement

The Township of South-West Oxford By-Law Enforcement Services conducts enforcement of various municipal by-laws. The objective of the By-Law enforcement Officer is to attempt to obtain compliance through education and mediation although in absence of the foregoing, fines and legal action may result. Get more information about By-Law enforcement here.

Corporate Policies

While By-Laws provide the legislative authority for the municipality to exercise its powers, various municipal corporate policies and procedures work to support by-laws by providing clarifying regulation and direction to staff. The Township of South-West Oxford is committed to being the leader in the delivery of municipal services for the growth and well-being of the community and have developed policies to help the municipality strategically reach this goal.

View all corporate policies here

Municipal Contacts

Township of South-West Oxford

Located in South Western Ontario, in the South West section of Oxford County and serves as a regional centre for industry, commerce and recreation.

The Township oversees 87,588 acres with a population of 7,544 and we have Canada’s busiest highway in our front yard! With a rich agricultural heritage, please stop by and enjoy our diverse Township. 

The Township’s mission is be "a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well being of our community"

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