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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

The Township has 11 parks and playground areas which total approximately 50 acres available for your enjoyment. All of our Parks and Playgrounds are run by Volunteer Boards. They are inspected monthly, during Spring, Summer & Fall, for any Health & Safety issues.

Beachville Parks & Recreation

The Beachville Playground has new up to date equipment - climber, swings, rocking equipment, composite structure.

There is also a cement Tennis/Basketball Court, bleachers and picnic tables.

Beachville Loweville Park

Located in the Loweville Subdivision of Beachville. This property is almost 2 acres and has modern playground equipment.

There is also available green space for baseball or soccer games.

Brownsville Park

Located beside the Brownsville Community Complex and having modern playground equipment and ground cover makes this playground fully accessible to all.

There is also a tennis court, lots of green space, a Concession building and roofed over Pavillion that has room for family picnics or other community events.

Centreville Pond/Park

This wonderful little gem has great walking trails located in the wooded areas, a peaceful pond, a dam and wonderful green space with park benches to allow you to listen to the frogs and the rush of the dam or just enjoy nature at its best.

Dereham Centre Park and Playground

This greenspace is located across the road from Dereham Centre Hall. Great for family related event with a fully accessible playground that has modern swings, see saws, slides and spring action toy.

Foldens Park

This Park features 2 Baseball Diamonds, a Concession Stand, Washrooms and lots of open green space and is located right next to the Foldens Community Hall.

Mt. Elgin Park & Recreation

This 5 acre park surrounds the Mount Elgin Community Hall and has a baseball diamond, concession building, washrooms, and tennis court.
The Playground is fully accessible and has modern climbers, rocking equipment and swings.

Oxford Heights Peace Park

Located in the Community of Sweaburg and boarders between Lisas Dr. and Glenn Ave.
This 4 acre park has open green space and meandering trails running through the scenic wooded area.

Salford Park & Playground

This 4 acre property was once the school for the area and still continues to be a gathering spot for local groups. The park and playground area consist of a baseball diamond, bleachers, concession building, pavilion,and washroom.

There is also a playground with modern up to date equipment and is fully accessible.

Sweaburg Community and Lions Park

This 4 acre recreation area is managed by the Sweaburg Parks and Recreation Committee and is fully accessible and comprises a Baseball Diamond, Concession Booth, Washrooms and Playground equipment. The Sweaburg Lions Club manages the pavilion located in the park, which has a capacity of 152 persons (framed) or 128 persons (open).

There is also a hall on this property that can be rented in the Spring, Summer and Fall with full kitchen and washroom facilities.


Tommy Williams Memorial Park

The Tommy Williams Park committee has grown substantially over the past year. Early in 2014 we amalgamated the Tommy Williams Park committee with the Peace Park committee allowing us to pool our resources. This met with such success that we have since amalgamated with both Sweaburg Minor Ball and the Sweaburg Community and Lions Park. This new combined group is now known as the Sweaburg Parks and Recreation Committee.

In celebration of the successful upgrades to the ball diamond, the basketball court and the new playground equipment, we held a grand opening for the Tommy Williams Park on June 22nd. We invited dignitaries from Farm Credit Canada, The Trillium Foundation and South West Oxford. Everything was free including a BBQ, face painting, a clown making balloon animals, a basketball competition, members of the Beachville Fire Department were there with their fire trucks, we had a craft table making model airplanes, and the Ingersoll Museum had a booth commemorating the First World War.

We were especially pleased to have members of the Tommy Williams family there to say a few words and to unveil our new sign. The event was also a great opportunity for us to promote and fundraise for our next project, a new pavilion at the Tommy Williams Park. With $25,000.00 pledged, we plan to begin construction this year.

The committee is also working on upgrades to the ball diamond at the Sweaburg Community and Lions Park. Our plan is to install foul ball netting. Anyone who has spent some time at the ball diamond would have witnessed countless close calls of fouls balls entering the stands, the playground structure or even through vehicles windshields. We also plan to install a clay surface which will reduce player injuries and simplify diamond prep for our volunteers. A batting cage is included to provide a safe place for players to warm up before a game and to provide coaches with another tool to improve batting ability.

This past fall Leroy Blancher from MASS excavating spent the better part of a day levelling out the area for the ice rink. The rink now has several inches of ice all over rather than the thin spots we’ve been getting over the past few years. Our volunteers thank you for making the maintenance of a 50’x100’ ice rink that much easier. We’ve also enjoyed the support of many teenagers who helped with the set up as well as help to keep the rink free of snow.

This past winter, the Park and Rec Committee teamed up with the Sweaburg Lions Club to supply the crafts at the Sweaburg Lions Old Fashioned Christmas to the delight of many children.

We welcome new members, volunteers and suggestions. Donations to Parks and Rec are eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt. Contact a committee member for details. Meetings are scheduled for every 3rd Thursday of each month for Sept to June (no meeting in Dec, July & August) at the Sweaburg United Church.

- Phil Gagnon, Chair of Sweaburg Parks and Recreation Committee

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Township of South-West Oxford

Located in South Western Ontario, in the South West section of Oxford County and serves as a regional centre for industry, commerce and recreation.

The Township oversees 87,588 acres with a population of 7,544 and we have Canada’s busiest highway in our front yard! With a rich agricultural heritage, please stop by and enjoy our diverse Township. 

The Township’s mission is be "a leader in the development and delivery of municipal services for the growth and well being of our community"

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