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By-Law Summaries

The following is a listing of the most common By-laws for the Township of South-West Oxford:

land Yard and Lot Maintenance By-law No. 18-2015

The purpose of the Yard and Lot Maintenance By-law 48-2021 is to keep all properties pest free, aesthetically consistent, the communities beautiful and property values high. In order to maintain this consistency and with regards to safety and appearance, grass and weeds must be maintained at a height less than 8 inches. Further, properties shall be free from industrial and domestic wastes, unlicensed motorized vehicles, vehicle parts, construction materials, and excessive brush.

The process for a Yard and Lot Maintenance Land Clearance inspection and Enforcement is as follows:
The Township will only respond to Formal Complaints received from a complainant who provides their full name, telephone number and address. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated. Complainants are protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and every complainant will be kept completely confidential and not be intentionally divulged to any member of Council, the public or media.

Once notified of a potential Yard and Lot Maintenance By-Law violation and a formal complaint is lodged, the MLEO/By-Law Enforcement Officer will attend the subject property and will conduct an inspection. Where the owner is in default of doing the matter or thing required to be done under this By-law, the MLEO/By-law Enforcement Officer may, upon such notice as the MLEO/By-law Enforcement Officer deems suitable, take such actions and complete such works as may be necessary to remedy the Owner’s default and bring the land into compliance with the terms, conditions and requirements of this By-law at the owner's expense.

If found to be in contravention of this By-law, a fine up to $350 fine may apply.

Dog Barking Regulations About Dogs: Animal Care & Control By-Law No. 76-2017 / land Noise By-Law No. 46-2013

As the weather is now changing and dogs are outside for extended periods of time, please be aware of the Noise by-law, 26-2013 Section 2.1, as it relates to barking, calling or whining of any domestic pet; violating this By-law could result in a fine of $200.

In addition, dogs require a leash at all times when walking off of your property. Owners shall not permit their dogs to wander (Running at Large) on public, municipal properties, trails etc. This may result in a $300 fine. In addition, all excrement must be picked-up. Failure to do so could result in a fine of $155.

Please refer to the Animal Care and Control By-law 76-2017 to review all regulations with regards to dogs and licencing.

To contact Hillside Kennels:

land Rules About Recreational Fires and Burning: Open Air Burning By-Law No. 35-2014

Pursuant with the terms of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, a municipal Council is authorized to enact by-laws to regulate the setting of open air fires. Concerned with prevention of fires in the municipality and the removal of fire hazards, Council enacted By-law 35- 2014 to regulate and control open air burning. Saving money for the municipality and the tax payer, the open air burning permitting system is designed to prevent fires and reduce unnecessary response by emergency services to controlled fires.

A Fire Permit is required for all open air-burning within the boundaries of the Township of South-West Oxford.

Recreational fires may be permitted which are contained within non-combustible containers or pits specifically designed for open-air burnings and all of the following regulations must be adhered to:

  • Burning may be conducted between the hours of 4pm and midnight only.
  • No materials other than dry seasoned wood, commercially produced charcoal and briquettes may be burned.
  • Open-air burnings shall be confined to non-combustible containers or to a pit no larger than two feet by two feet with flames not exceeding 2 feet in height.
  • Open-air burning shall be conducted in such a manner as to preclude the escape from the fire of combustible solids such as sparks and ash.
  • The dimensions of the fuel being burnt shall not be greater than the size of the container or fire pit and shall be totally confined within the container or pit at all times.
  • The burning pit shall be confined to a location at least 15 feet in all directions from adjacent properties and or combustible structures (including fences, sheds, or decks)
  • An extinguishing agent of sufficient size and with the capability extinguishing the fire shall be immediately available for use.
  • The fire shall be attended, controlled and supervised at all times and shall be completely extinguished before the site is vacated.
  • Open-air burning is prohibited when the wind speed exceeds fifteen kilometres per hour or during rainy or foggy weather conditions or when a smog alert has been declared.
  • The owner, occupant or permit holder must take steps to ensure that adjacent properties are protected and that the by-products of open-air burnings do not have a negative impact on persons, pets or the environment.

Open Air Burning Permit Application
FAQs for Burn Permits

land Swimming Pool Regulations: Swimming Pool Fence By-Law No. 23-76

Please be advised that every owner of a privately owned swimming pool in Township of South-West Oxford shall erect and maintain a fence completely surrounding pools in accordance with the provisions of By-law 23-1976. All pools in the Township require a building permit from the Township Building Department.

Click here for a building permit application.

A privately owned swimming pool is any type of pool, when filled, contains a depth of 12 inches or more of water at any given section. If the pool is an above-ground swimming pool a fence is not required if the structure is at least 4 feet in height above grade, and has no permanently attached ladder which is removed when the pool in not in use. It cannot contain any exterior foothold or handholds including a pump or accessory appurtenance or structure. All in-ground pools must have a permanent fence enclosed of a height of 48 or more inches, with a self closing and latching gate, locked when not in use.

Where a permanent deck and or ladder is installed onto an above ground pool, the deck and or ladder shall be enclosed with a fence and gate and such deck fencing and gates shall conform to the requirements of the By-law. In addition, no owner shall fill a privately owned swimming pool with water or allow water to remain therein unless a fence has been erected in accordance with the bylaw. Please contact the Building Department for additional information if required.

land Winter Parking Rules: Parking By-Law No. 50-2011

Winter parking restrictions will be enforced starting November 15th and remain in place until March 31st in accordance with By-law 50-2011.

For snow removal purposes, parking is not permitted on any road or street from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. 7 days a week during this period. Any vehicle owner found in violation of this by-law could be fined or have their vehicle removed/towed at owners expense.

The set fine for this violation is set at $50.

land Prohibitions for Snow and Leaves: Road Protection By-Law No. 12-2011

This is a reminder to all residents that depositing leaves and snow from private property onto a public roadway is dangerous and in contravention of the Road Protection By-law 12-2011.

Pushing or placing any leaves, snow or ice or any other obstruction of a roadway is an offence that carries a Provincial Offences Fine of $105.00.

 Download Road Protection By-law 12-2011

land Property Standards By-law No. 35-2006

The Township of South-West Oxford has a Property Standards By-law to ensure that property owners’ maintain their properties with respect to the structure, electrical, plumping, fencing, lighting, doors and windows, and pests.

The purpose of the By-law is to protect the occupants and general public from all health and safety concerns. Both the Ontario Building Code and the Property Standards By-law authorizes a By-law Enforcement Officer or designate to inspect properties, note all identified contraventions, issue an Order to Comply, and reinspect to ensure that the work has been completed.

For additional information, please review the Property Standards By-law No. 35-2006.
Landlord and Tenant Board Ontario:

land Noise Complaints: Noise By-Law No. 46-2013

The purpose of the Noise By-law is reduce common noises that may be likely to disturb inhabitants of South-West Oxford.

The Noise By-law outlines what noises are allowed, in relation to zones, time of day, and day of the week.

Some of the many noises likely to disturb are: Electronic/amplified sound, idling vehicles, revving engines, lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, construction equipment, yelling, shouting, dog barking etc.

For more specifics, please review the By-law to ensure that you are not creating noise that is in contravention.

 Download Noise Complaints: Noise By-Law No. 49-2021

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