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Celebrating Thanksgiving in the midst of a Pandemic

10/9/2020 11:10:04 AM

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. It is traditionally a time of large family gatherings with great meals and fellowship when we celebrate all the things we are thankful for. This year, however, our Premier has asked us to restrict our celebrations to just the immediate family that resides within our residence to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. While I will greatly miss the opportunity to see my children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews (and their families), we will respectfully follow the provincial direction. I'm sure it won't seem like the normal thanksgiving, but I think I'm okay with that.

As I think about what I am thankful for in this most chaotic time, I realize I have much to celebrate. The prevalence of Covid-19 is very small in our communities (and I want to keep it that way) and so our community health is relatively good. Yes, there is concern and angst amongst many people which can have an impact on their mental health, but for the most part we are weathering this crisis fairly well. If you are struggling, I encourage you to reach out virtually to others. We live in a very compassionate community where people are very willing to listen and help.

While I will miss our family gathering, I am thankful that they are all safe, healthy and adapting well to the new realities and restrictions. I'm thankful for their willingness to forgo our traditional gathering as it demonstrates a collective understanding and appreciation that loving each other sometimes requires sacrifices noone enjoys. I'm thankful that they are more concerned about the health of others than the pleasures of their company.

It will be a different thanksgiving celebration for our family (and probably yours too), and I will celebrate and be thankful for some different reasons. While I'm always thankful for friends and neighbours in our community, for our safety and security, and our peace and prosperity, this year I will also be thankful for the love and respect for each others' health and well-being demonstrated through our willingness to stay apart.

I hope you too are thankful for the abundant blessings in your lives.

Happy Thanksgiving

David Mayberry
Township of South West Oxford

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