Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Committee

Our Township Energy Conservation Committee was established as a council committee in 2010 and was expanded to include members of our community in 2012.

The mandate of the Energy Conservation Committee is: to provide leadership within the Township of South-West Oxford's community in energy conservation; to educate our fellow citizens on the innovative ideas that are available to make our world just a little brighter; to encourage residents to use energy resources more economically; and to support the goals of Future Oxford and the County of Oxford's goal to be 100% Renewable by 2050.

The South-West Oxford’s Energy Conservation Committee is unique in that it pulls together not only the municipal leaders but third party consultants; ERTH Corporation, industry experts as well as it allows community’s opinion to be valued. This elaborate structure grants all stakeholders a voice and promotes equality and transparency within the municipality.

The committee meets on a monthly basis to find cost savings in energy conservation and discuss strategies for encouraging the use of renewable energy resources. The committee is dedicated to finding self-funding investments at a low cost for residents of South-West Oxford. Energy Committee meetings are open to the public and are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 4:30 pm in the Council Chambers.

Committee Members

energy committee

Councillor Jim Pickard, Chairperson
Councillor Valerie Durston
Mayor David Mayberry (ex-officio)
Tim Collins (ERTH)

Phil Gagnon (Community Representative)
George Klosler (Community Representative)
Mary Ellen Greb C.A.O.
Bill Freeman Works Superintendent
Howard Leaver C.B.O

Julie Forth, Clerk (staff administrative support)

Energy Conservation Committee Accomplishments

The Committee has hosted number Energy Conservation Workshops in the communities of Sweaburg, Brownsville and Mount Elgin. These workshops covered a range of energy saving topics including: Time of Use; Conservation Tips and Phantom Usage. The workshops were well attended in all the communities. The Committee also has participated in community events, such as Mount Elgin Fun Day to provide information to all residents on Energy Saving tips.

The Energy Conservation Committee actively promoted the Home Assistance Program for Homeowners and Tenants of the Township via flyers and use of the Township website.

In 2012 this committee actively promoted energy conservation and lobbied the Township to retrofit many of the conventional High Intensity Discharge fixtures to modern energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) Street Lighting fixtures, which has provided many benefits to the communities. The new LED street lights are more energy efficient, eliminate excessive light pollution and waste, have a lower wattage and a longer predictable lifetime and, as a result, save our municipality money.

The Energy Conservation Committee applied to the Province's Microfit Program for installation of solar roof top installations for Brownsville Community Centre, Salford Hall and the Township Public Works Building and participated in the Retrofit Program to improve lighting in the Municipal Office.

The Energy Conservation Committee orchestrated the completion of energy audits at the Township’s community halls and has successfully provided grant funding from their annual budget for energy upgrades recommended by these audits.


Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Each year, the Township monitors its Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Energy Conservation Committee reviews this data to seek out efficiencies and monitor the success of conservation projects.  Reports are available for 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Contact the Energy Committee

Correspondence for the Committee can be sent to the Township Office, 312915 Dereham Line, Mount Elgin ON, NOJ 1N0 to the attention of the Clerk or e-mailed to:

Energy Conservation Resources

For further information or energy incentives please contact the following distributor that applies to your area of residence:

More information on Provincial Legislation and Ontario Regulations can be found:

Ministry of Energy

Green Energy Act - Regulation 397/11

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