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Message from Mayor David Mayberry December 07, 2020

12/7/2020 10:20:10 AM

On Friday December 4th, our Medical Officer of Health issued a stern warning to all of us. With increasing Covid-19 cases in the Southwestern Health Unit (Oxford, Elgin and St Thomas), if we are not very careful we will be moving into a Red Zone designation.

This will result in more restrictive conditions and the closing of all municipal halls and the Township office to the general public (all visits will be by appointment ONLY) for at least 28 days. This could seem severe considering that SWOX had only one active case on that day (10 cumulatively since the pandemic began in March) indicating that things are generally healthy in SWOX. There are a number of reasons why our township has experienced less of the impact than some of our neighbours. Being a more rural community automatically makes us physical distancing to a certain degree, and that is definitely helping. But I would suggest that it has been the willingness of our communities to understand the seriousness of this situation, and then to modify their behavior that has led to our success so far. Yes we are seeing some undesirable activities (people not wearing face coverings, people gathering in small groups and not practicing physical distancing), but for the most part, the vast majority of our citizens are being respectful and demonstrating the love they have for their families and their community by doing their best to protect it. I thank you all for being as responsible and responsive as you have been over these past few months. It has been a challenge, but collectively we have mastered it for the most part. Well done!

With all the talk in the media regarding the potential vaccine being available in the next few months (and the huge expectation that it will be fully effective) there is a natural tendency to feel more safe and be willing to let your guard down especially given the success we have had so far. We need to remember that our past success is not an indication of the lack of presence of Covid-19, but rather the results of our collective careful and respectful behavior. With Christmas and the holidays coming quickly, I know there is a strong desire to gather with family and friends (I know I want to!) but this year we must not give into that temptation. I am pleading with you to refrain from gathering in groups for the traditional Christmas and Holiday celebrations and celebrate this season by doing something that the whole community can celebrate, by staying home and staying safe! Protect the family and community you love … by loving them from a distance!

Remember, wash your hands often, use sanitizers regularly, avoid as much contact as possible by practicing physical distancing, stay home as much as possible and if you are feeling unwell, please get tested. For an appointment at the assessment centers for testing call 1 855 905 6148.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, take care and stay safe.

To learn more about what tier SWOX is in, and what will happen if we move up a tier to Red, I encourage everyone to visit this link on our website and to follow Southwestern Public Health on social media for up-to-date and reliable COVID-19 information.

David Mayberry

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