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Message from Mayor David Mayberry - Monday, April 27th, 2020

4/27/2020 4:52:21 PM

We are now well into the second month of this COVID-19 pandemic. In the past week, the first positive test for COVID-19 has occurred in South-West Oxford, and the count has increased in our County to 17. This is a good news/bad news story. The bad news is, of course, while there have been no deaths in Oxford, we know that some of our community are combating this virus directly and we all hope and pray for good outcomes. The good news is that the spread has been very well controlled by the positive and proactive steps we are all taking. Staying home, practicing physical distancing, being careful is paying off in terms of the physical health of our community. We know that the end is still not in sight, that we should expect to live in these restricting times for probably at least another month. The province has recently decided that all public schools will remain closed until at least the end of May. 

With each day the angst seems to build. People want to return to “normal” as soon as possible. We are not a patient society, as we have become used to instant everything. We want this to end, and we want it to end now. If this crisis was a TV show or even a movie, it would have come to a successful conclusion by now (in fact several movies/documentaries are already in circulation).

This pandemic will test more than our medical expertise, or even our financial stability, it will test our resolve to let nature take its course. As always, time and nature will take their due course, and we mere mortals will need to watch and wait. The old Persian quote “this too shall pass” seems appropriate, but like most of you, I would appreciate it if it could hurry up a bit. In the mean time, please refrain from exposing yourself or the community to the further spread of Covid by staying home, washing your hands, practice physical distancing, coughing into your elbow and taking care of yourself and those you care for. To quote TV’s Red Green “I’m pulling for ya, we are all in this together”.

Take care, stay safe!

David Mayberry
Mayor, South-West Oxford

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