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NEW Blog Post: Councillor Jim Pickard - Goodbye Gas Furnaces?

4/22/2020 10:35:25 AM

Why electrification is the future of heating:

In an effort to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and meet targets to reduce global warming some areas in the US and Europe propose banning natural gas heating in new homes. Nearly 70% of the energy used in the residential sector in Canada comes from fossil fuel. Buildings heated with fossil fuels can cut greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the need for heating through things like better insulation and reusing waste heat. But in order to make a big difference, the green building industry is looking to electrify heating.

In provinces with an electrical grid based mostly on hydro, nuclear or other non-fossil fuel energy sources like Ontario, replacing a gas-burning furnace with electrical heating system can nearly eliminate a home’s emissions.  There are options for heating your home electrically. Baseboard is the most common but result in higher electricity bills. Electric forced air furnaces, electric convection heaters and electric radiant floors are also popular and more cost effective. Heat pumps are far more efficient with some experts stating it is possible to get 300 per cent efficiency (that is you get 3 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt of electricity you put in.) They also cool in the summer. Heat pumps produce a lower temperature heat than fossil fuels so the building must be well insulated and air tight.

Solar is another option being looked at but is expensive to install and energy needs to be stored somewhere. The Federal government is holding public consultations on proposed changes to the National Building Code and its National Energy Code.

Experts/environmentalists claim that “Having a fully electric house without a gas line is the direction we want to go. Governments need to plan to phase out fossil fuels in home heating. It’s an inevitability that we are going to get off them.”

Source: from Emily Chung CBC News.

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